The review of perfume novelties always attracts attention. First, we want to keep up with the times. And secondly, tastes change and we have a natural desire to update our perfume wardrobe. And although fashion is far from the main thing in choosing perfumes or perfumed waters, we still take into account the main trends.

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Beautiful mesmerizing compositions, unique sound, as well as selected components-this is what buyers are looking for. Plus, taking care of yourself is very important in 2021. Preference is given to perfumes and cosmetics with high-quality safe ingredients. All this corresponds to a niche perfume. According to a legend launched by marketers, it just includes unique substances of an extra class. (Although some perfumers do not agree with this). 

Also, many fragrances of the niche segment come out in small editions, which increases the chance to get a perfume that is not like everyone else's. Therefore, niche and selective perfumes are fashionable in 2021.