Prepayment to a bank card

after you make an order and agree on the amount, we send the payment details to Viber/WhatsApp or in the form of an SMS to the phone number specified in the order.
the funds are transferred to a bank card.
after receiving the agreed amount, we book the order.
shipment according to the schedule on the website - prepayment of 10%, but not less than 500 UAH.
in case of one - time refusal of the buyer from the order after booking-the prepayment is not refunded.


This information is common to each of the delivery methods described above.

In most cases, if the order is made from any regional center, except for the western regions of our country, you will receive your order within 1-3 working days after it arrives at our warehouse. The only exception is when:

the product is not available in our warehouse or in the warehouse of our partner supplier;
the order was received from a remote region, city or locality (western regions of our country, small localities);
the selected delivery method is not "New Mail".