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Online orders (issued via the Internet) - are accepted around the clock.

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We send orders at a total cost of 500 UAH.
in more than 150 localities of Ukraine, you will be able to receive your order in the office of the transport company "Novaya Pochta" within 2-4 working days"
the order is stored in the warehouse for no more than 5 working days, after which it is sent back! Only the person specified in the transport declaration as the recipient can receive the order. You must have an ID card with you.
the list of localities where New Mail delivery is carried out can be viewed here ->
control your shipments via the online tracking system here - >
ATTENTION! If on the 4th day the customer does not pick up the parcel , we start the process of returning the parcel, and all the customer's data is transferred to the list of the service of unscrupulous buyers ("black list of buyers"), after which this customer will not be able to receive goods from any online store in Ukraine "cash on delivery" and will not be able to use the services of "New Mail".