Time passes, fashion changes, many things go into oblivion, but something becomes unforgettable, turns into a sample of the classics. This is true not only in relation to fashion for clothing and shoes, but also in the case of perfumes.

That perfume, which is now called vintage, was once revolutionary, it was dreamed of by the most fashionable men in their collection. Not every cologne will be vintage – many were forgotten, did not go down in history. So what kind of fragrances can be called "vintage"?

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First, these are popular fragrances of the past decades, which have remained in demand to this day. Secondly, these are perfumes, the production of which began at least 15-20 or more years ago. But it's not that simple. For example, the well-known "Bogart" by Jacques Bogart has a venerable age, its release began in 1975. However, this cologne continues to be created today, and the bottle, released less than 15 years ago, can not be called vintage. This is also true of other perfumes that were developed many years ago and are still available today. So, vintage perfume should be aged.

Why are vintages so expensive? For the same reason why collectible wines or cognacs labeled " XO " can't be cheap. Their number is very limited. There are even fewer bottles with well – preserved perfume and packaging that have not been started. Basically, the vintages that go on sale are available literally in 1 copy, usually they are bought from collectors, who at one time prudently stocked up with duplicates of their favorite flavors, which have been well preserved to our time.

Wouldn't it be better to buy modern versions of these fragrances, at least the ones that continue to be produced? It's up to you. However, if you (or the person for whom you decided to buy a vintage perfume) were familiar with the original "those times", it may turn out that the modern versions do not smell like that at all. Why? 

In the last 20 years, the Fragrance Quality Control Corporation (IFRA) has banned the use of many natural ingredients, which perfumers had to replace with synthetic ones. For example, this applies to oak moss. After the ban on its use, the classic chypre direction of fragrances, so beloved by men before, literally died. Therefore, if you want to have an original in the collection, built on the basis of natural substances, it is better to buy a vintage.