Fashion perfumes are the ones that drive you crazy. It doesn't matter when they were released: last month or several decades ago. We will put them in the place of honor in our room. But I don't want to keep up with the Times. Therefore, we constantly monitor the latest arrivals: what if an unprecedented perfume masterpiece appears among the sparkling bottles?

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Fashion for perfumes is not very variable. And this is its difference from the usual fashion industry, when brands annually present four collections of clothing, shoes and accessories. Among the fragrant creations, there is no strong staff turnover. New songs are considered two-year-old compositions, because they do not always reach the shelves immediately after release. And some lucky ones hold the attention for a long time and become popular within a decade. And yet certain trends in perfumery can be identified.

The fashion trend of 2020 is niche perfumes. The interest in this flavorful product among consumers is off the scale. In 2019, the sale of perfumes in this segment increased by 1.5 times compared to 2018, according to an authoritative economic source forbes. And the happy hours for the selective and niche brands will continue into the twenties of the 21st century. 

As for individual notes, it is difficult to single out the olfactory favorite of 2020. In the fashion industry, there is no rigid dictate of style and form, designers tend to be different. The same can be said about perfumes. In fashion, there are diverse olfactory trends, which will allow us to differ from others and collect our unique perfume wardrobe.

In 2020, both floral and marine scents will be popular. The rose chord remains on trend. This can be seen in the perfumes Lancome Idole, Miss Dior Rose N’Roses Christian Dior. There is a general craving for calm and harmony in the world. In perfumery, this trend is reflected in the fashion for soothing fresh fragrances that give a feeling of lightness and peace.